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Air Movers

AirPro Air Movers use a small volume of high velocity compressed air passing through a series of small holes creating a venturi action, causing large volumes of low pressure air to be moved. (Steam pressure may also be used as a power source). Because air movers have no moving parts they are suited for use in venting air, dust, smoke and fumes in hazardous areas.


Used to cool workers operating in higher temperature areas, machinery or other hot objects with a blast of cool air. Ideally suited for use in the petro chemical industry, weld shops, tank fabrication shops, pulp and paper, shipyards and utility companies, or any place there is a need to move air to disperse fumes, remove air in confined spaces or help control the environment by pulling out polluted air or moving fresh air into an area.


  • •   Rugged "Tech-Alloy" Aluminum.

  • •   No moving parts to replace.

  • •   Periodic steam cleaning for easy maintenence

  • •   Grounding wire and clamp (standard equipment)

  • •   Will operate on compressed air or steam.

3VAM - Air Mover   6VAM - Air Mover   10VAM - Air Mover

3VAM 7" Air Mover


6VAM - 11" Air Mover


10VAM - 17" Air Mover

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