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In-Line Regulator & Lubricators

9052  1/2" Brass Regulator

Midget Lubricator

  Master Lubricator


1/4" Brass Regulator


1/4-Midget-Lube -

1/4" Midget Lubricator


1/4-Master-Lube -

1/4" Master Lubricator


3/8-Midget-Lube -

3/8" Midget Lubricator


3/8-Master-Lube -

3/8" Midget Lubricator


Adjust the speed or power of your tools simply and easily with this solid brass regulator. Suitable for mounting at your tool's air inlet. Provides precise regulation of air.

These Oilers attached directly to the air tool. They will not leak lubricant into air line upon pressure drop or when disconnected from the air line.

Operates in any position. Less than 5% of line pressure drop at 90 psi. Especially recommended for staplers and nailers.


360° Swivels

Keep your hose out of your way with these swivels. Not for use with percussion or high vibration tools such as Impact Wrenches and Hammers or in areas of high mechanical abuse.

922A - 1/4" 360 deg Swivel


933ST - 3/8" 36- deg Swivel


944A - 1/2" 360 deg Swivel



1/4" 360° Swivel


3/8" 360° Swivel



1/2" 360° Swivel

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