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AirPro Oilers are US made and super durable. Every in-line oiler is pressure tested and built to last. The metering valve is guaranteed for life, never to fail, adjustable flow. For best results place within 10' (3 meters) of tool.

•   Keeps pneumatic tools working better and longer.

•   Saves money by reducing down time on air operated equipment.

•   Increase efficiency, keeps your air tools lubricated continuously.

0L Oiler 1/2" Port

1L Oiler 3/4" Port

2L Oiler 3/4" Port

3L Oiler 1" Port


Oiler 1/2" Port


Oiler 3/4" Port


Oiler 3/4" Port


Oiler 1" Port


Manual Relief Filler Cap, Oiler-Filter Combo & In-Line Filters


2A Manual Relief Filler Cap


OL-F Oiler Filter Combo



9076M - Inline Filter 3/4


2A - Filler Cap


OL-F - Oiler Filter Combo

1/2" Port 3.8 oz. Capacity



Inline Filter 1.2" Thread



Inline Filter 3/4" Thread


Optional manual relief cap replacement cap for the 0L, 1L, 2L and 3L Oilers. Allows pressure release from oil chamber, allowing cap removal without tools.


  0L Oiler with 9074M Inline Filter.


  Durable and rugged 20 micron Sintered Bronze In-Line Filters. Opens   easily for cleaning.

Large Size, Multi-Tool Heavy Duty Oilers

Super Heavy Duty Constant Feed Oilers, adjustable flow. Suitable for lubricating multiple tools. Place as close to the tools as is possible. Full line of oilers available up to 3" port and 3 gallon capacity.

Heavy Duty Oiler - 60-CF-M


Heavy Duty Oiler - 230-C-FM

60-CF-M - Oiler 1-1/4" Port 1 Quart Capacity


230-C-FM - Oiler 2" Port 1 Gallon Capacity Constant Feed

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