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Spring Balancers

Improve working efficiency, safety, reduced fatigue and repetitive lifting. A properly selected and adjusted Balancer makes a tool weightless. Tools can be easily moved out of the way when not in use.

AirPro Balancers are available for - Conveyor systems, assembly lines, hanging tools, racks for tools and parts. Heavy tools and equipment.
Selection of a suitable model and spring tension adjustment -

•   Select the correct model for the total weight (mass) of tools or equipment to be hung.

    Weight means, total weight, that is, tool, plus cable, plus hose, plus other accessories eg.

     1. The weight of tool (14kg) + the weight of accessories (3kg) is equal to 17 kg (total weight). Select Model# SW-22 (15 - 22 kg).


     2. If the total weight is on the border of the two models, you should select the larger model.


•   Mount multiple balancers at the same work station unevenly so they will not collide with eath other.

•   Always use a secondary support cable (or chain) for safety.

•   Adjust the main spring tension to be approriate to the total weight (mass) for tool or equipment.

•   At shipping the main spring tension is set in the middle of its capacity. Set for your tool before use.

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