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Mini Chipping Hammers

These Chipping Hammers are heavy duty tools designed for the most demanding light-medium duty applications in foundries, shipyards, demolition and fabrication. Great for overhead work.
  • Features:

  • •   Lightweight, allows workers to be more productive

  • •   Precision valve allows excellent control

  • •   Excellent for use around rebar.

  • •   Low noise levels.

  • •   AA-3B uses a Rivet Buster style main valve for more power and less vibration.

  • •   Produces 20% more power than traditonal 3" stroke tools.

AA-0S - Mini Chipping Hammer

AA-3B - Mini Chipping Hammer

G-5R - Mini Chipping Hammer

AA-0S - Chiipping Hammer

AA-3B - Chipping Hammer

G-5R - Chipping Hammer

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