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The M1 MonoPod supports the weight of the tool, thus, reducing stress and injury to arms, shoulders and back. Reduces the vibration transmitted to operator. Reduces fatigue, increases worker productivity and the number of workers required to complete overhead demolition tasks.


  • •   Finger up/down control valve, control precise positioning.

  • •   Adjustable flow control vale, sets maximum cylinder speed.

  • •   Single 1/2" air connection supplies both lift cylinder and tool.

  • •   Rugged construction handles the harshest environments.

  • •   Pivoting foot mount. Fits most 2" - 3" diameter tools (air or electric).

    •   Gimbal Mount for easy maneuverability.

Mi - MonoPod

M1 - MonoPod - Adjustable Height Support for Chipping Hammers, Busters and Rock Drills.

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