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Paving Breakers

Toku TPB Paving Breakers are designed to deliver the power and durability neccessary for a variety of construction and plant maintenance applications, such as breaking heavy concrete, reinforced concrete, frozen ground, boulders and pavement.
  • Features:

  • •   Replaceable tappet and seat. (TPB60 and TPB9 only)

  • •   Alloy steel forgings.

  • •   Piston stopper on all models.

  • •   Built-in automatic oiler, except for the TPB40.

  • •   Front Head springs reduces shock and fatigue to the operator. (TPB60 & TPB90 only)

  • •   Four bolt back head design, stands up to rugged use.

  • •   Latch type forged retainer for quick chisel change.

The Toku TPB-30 & TPB-40 Breakers are lightweight rugged tools designed for light to medium construction jobs, such as demolition of floors, pavement, concrete and masonary walls. TPB-30 available in 7/8" and 1" shanks. TPB-40 1" x 4-1/4" shank only.
TPB-30 - 30 lb Paving Breaker TPB-40 - 40 lb Paving Breaker

TPB-30 - 30lb Class Paving Breaker

TPB-40 - 40lb Class Paving Breaker

The Toku TPB-60 & TPB-90 Breakers are heavy duty demolition tools designed for the toughest of jobs with high productivy, such as asphalt cutting, reinforced concrete, boulders, pavement etc. TPB-60 and TPB-90 available in 1-1/8" & 1-1/4" shanks.
  TPB-60 - 60 lb Paving Breaker   TPB-90 - 90 lb Paving Breaker

TPB-60 - 60lb Class Paving Breaker

TPB-90 - 90lb Class Paving Breaker

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