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Compression Riveters

For a wide variety of metal working jobs - riveting, staking inserting captive hardware, swagging etc. Extensively used in the assembly of airplanes, trucks, buses, atuomotive components, boats, appliances etc.
  • Features:

  •  •  Lightweight.

  •  •  Hand-operated or bench-mounted, with optional foot control.

  •  •  Inter-changeable jaws and yokes.

  •  •  Unique valving - operator has complete control.

3000A-1.5 - Alligator Yoke Riveter 6000a-1.5 - Alligator Yoke Riveter

3000A-1.5 - Alligator Yoke Riveter

6000A-1.5 - Alligator Yoke Riveter

3000c-1.5 - "C" Yoke Riveter 6000C-1.5 - "C" Yoke Riveter

3000C-1.5 - C Yoke Riveter

6000A-1.5 - C Yoke Riveter

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