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The TimberKing Pneumatic Chainsaws are specifically designed for underground mine use, but have been widely accepted in the Building and Construction Industries, Marine and Shipyards Environment, Railways and Quarries, Timber Mills and Mining Industries.
TKA017A - 17" Chainsaw
  • Features:

  •  •   Acoustic exhaust silencer.

  •  •   Pressurized chain lubrication with adjustable flow valve to enable various viscosities for bar to be used.

  •  •   Simplified throttle valve operation.

  •  •   c/w Front Hand Guard and Swing-up Chain Guard.

  •  Optional Extras:

  •       •  Underwater attachment.

  •       •  In-Line Lubricator.

  •       •  Longer Cutting Bar and Chain on request

  TKA017A - 17" Chainsaw
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