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Industrial Scalers

These tools are excellent for removing weld splatter, rust, paint and other debris from may different and unusual surfaces and in hard to reach places. Fabrication shops, refineries, founderies, will find these tools to be quite useful.
Needle Scalers
182-LN - Needle Scaler
182-PN - Needle Scaler

182-LN -Needle Scaler (Lever)

182-PN - Needle Scaler (Push Throttle)

P1-B-LN - Needle Scaler   P1-B-PN - Needle Scaler

P1-B-LN - Needle Scaler (Lever)

P1-B-PN - Needle Scaler (Push Throttle)

The 456 heavy duty series will handle a variety of different scaling applications, including knocking sand and ceramic castings, removing weld splatter, pain, gaskets etc. an excellent all-round maintenance tool. The 456-BL unique valving allows you to use a blower to clear chips or debris from work area.
Heavy Duty Needle Scalers
456-LN - Needle Scaler   456-BLN - Needle Scaler

456-LN - Needle Scaler (Lever)


456-BLN -Needle Scaler (Lever)

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