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These Routers are ideal for trimming and cutting plastic parts, removing flashing from injection molded parts, wood, aluminum and fiberglass.
Hand Held Routers

Lightweight and easily maneuvered in tight areas. Perfect for one hand operation.

  • Features:

    •   Double angle collet for extreme accuracy.

  • •   Motor parts interchangeable with other 1340/1350 tools.

GR-1810A Router   GR2510 Router

GR-1810A & GR2510A Routers

GR-1810 & GR2510 Routers

Routers - with 6" Base
These portable routers with 6" Base are ideal for use in boating, aircraft and woodworking industries. Standard with replaceable plastic base plate and adjustable depth control.
  770000RTR Router 22000RTR Router

70000RTR Router


22000RTR Router

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