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All of Just Tools Inc. quality pneumatic tools are warranted for a one year period from date of sale against defects in materials and workmanship when used in the correct application. Warranty does not include the following:

  • • Tool failure due to normal wear and tear.

  • • Tool failure due to misuse, abuse or accident.

  • • Tool failure due to improper use or maintenance.

  • • Tools dismantled or repairs undertaken by anyone other than JustTools Inc. or an Authorized Repair Depot.

  • • Tools placed in an application for which they were not designed.

All tools with moving parts require adequate lubrication.Failure to provide the correct lubrication will void any warranty. All our tools have an icon which represents the application that the tool should be used for. Please use this as your guide.

Automotive Tools

These tools are designed for general maintenance, automotive and occasional use. Placing these tools in any production or industrial application will void the warranty.

Industrial Tools

These tools are designed for industrial and light production environments. (not to exceed one shift per day or constant use) Placing these tools in a Heavy Duty Industrial or Production environment will void the warranty.

Super Duty Industrial Tools

All of our Super Duty Industrial tools are designed for the most rigorous and demanding of applications. These tools can be placed in any Industrial or Production environment. (maximum one and a half shifts per day).

Construction Tools

Our entire range of construction tools are designed for the toughest applications. The Toku line of construction tools is among the finest in the world.


A note on Points and Chisels. Defects in material or workmanship in any steel will usually become apparent immediately after the initial use. Any breakage encountered after the first 15 minutes of use is usually not covered by warranty. Click here to see the complete guide to warranty for steel.

Just Tools Inc. or an authorized Warranty Repair Depot must inspect all tools before any warranty will be honoured. Tools returned for warranty inspection must be sent “pre-paid”, collect shipments will be refused. Please include a copy of the invoice for the sale of the tool in question and a brief description of the problem. Tools that qualify for warranty will be repaired or replaced at our discretion, with the return shipment at no charge. Tools that do not qualify for warranty will be given an estimate for the cost of parts and labour to return the tool to proper working order, the return shipment is responsibility of the customer.

The manufacturer or Just Tools Inc. make no other warranty, and the companies maximum liability is limited to the purchase price of the tool. In no event shall the company be liable for any consequential, indirect, incidental or special damages of any nature arising from the sale, use or misuse of the product whether by contract or otherwise.

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